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A Review of the New MCHB Performance Measures

Presenters will explain the background inception of the MCHB Performance Measures (PM), what grantees should expect to see when they access the HRSA Electronic Handbooks, and review the elements of each MCHB PM. A review of the PM elements will help grantees to better understand the reporting expectations of the Maternal Child Health Bureau and how instituting these measures may impact future activities planned by EMSC grantees.

  • Performance Measure 7: The degree to which MCHB-funded programs ensure family, youth, and consumer participation in program and policy activities.
  • Performance Measure 10: The degree to which MCHB-funded programs have incorporated cultural and linguistic competence elements into their policies, guidelines, contracts, and training.
  • Performance Measure 24: The degree to which MCHB-funded initiatives contribute to infrastructure development through core public health assessment, policy development and assurance functions.
  • Performance Measure 33: The degree to which MCHB-funded initiatives work to promote sustainability of their programs or initiatives beyond the life of MCHB funding.
  • Performance Measure 41: The degree to which grantees have assisted in developing, supporting, and promoting medical homes for MCH populations.
Presented by:
Jocelyn Hulbert: Public Health Analyst, Emergency Medical Services for Children Program
Mary Hoel: Senior Product Analyst SAIC
Tina Turgel: Nurse Consultant, Emergency Medical Services for Children Program
Date Presented:
Monday, February 28, 2011
3:00-4:30pm Eastern
MCHB Learning Topic: