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Medical-Legal Partnerships: A Life-Course Perspective

Dr. David Keller, founding Medical Director of Family Advocates of Central Massachusetts (MCHB Healthy Tomorrows funded project, 2004-2009), a Medical-Legal Partnership (MLP) that incorporates attorneys from the Legal Assistance Corporation of Central Massachusetts as full members of the multidisciplinary teams caring for children from low-income families in four practices located in Worcester, Webster, Milford and Fitchburg Massachusetts, will discuss how the life course perspective and social determinants of health are central to community pediatrics, including MLPs. Dr. Keller also will provide an overview of the origins of MLPs in the U.S., including evaluation data on MLPs, the impetus for starting Family Advocates of Central Massachusetts and its evolution, specific case studies of the interrelationship between medical and legal perspectives in the provision of care, and lessons learned about MLPs for the field. The information that will be covered will benefit Healthy Start and Healthy Tomorrows staff and consumers as well as other grantees within the Maternal and Child Health community.
Presented by:
David Keller, M.D.: Clinical Associate Professor of Pediatrics, UMass Medical School, Founding Medical Director, Family Advocates of Central Massachusetts
Johannie Escarne, MPH: Senior Public Health Analyst, HRSA/MCHB/DHSPS
Date Presented:
Tuesday, October 12, 2010
2:00-3:00pm Eastern
MCHB Learning Topic: