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Health Resources and Services Administration
Maternal and Child Health

Healthy Weight in Women

Event Coordination

1. Event materials were well prepared and accessible.

2. Technical staff responded in a timely manner to my concerns.

3. Technical support and guidance was readily available.

Quality and Clarity of Presentation

4. The event objectives and expectations were clear.

5. The overall quality of the event was high.

About the Speaker(s)

6. Speaker(s) was/were knowledgeable about the subject matter.

7. The overall quality of the presentation(s) was high

Accessibility and Technology

8. Access to the event on-line technology was without difficulty.

9. Online message center provided me an opportunity to communicate with speakers.

10. The quality of the video and/or audio was good.

11. Are you watching this webcast alone?

Final Questions

13. I would participate in another event of this type.